KBS is a gases solution and service company. Our core Industrial Gases and operates its business is mainly engaged in the Refilling, Product YongTai and Aweld or Other Product & Services.

We ensure that the chemical used for our gases products are stringently checked and inspected to comply with safety standard of various countries, it is our genes.


KBS Industrial Gases Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in 2006. KBS has been successfully operating for over 12 years of experience in the distribution of industrial gases such as Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Helium, Refrigerant Product, Gas-Related Services Equipment and etc.

KBS Headquarter located in Ijok (Bukit Badong) to provide the refilling and storage facilities of industrial gases and operated of 7 branches in other parts of Malaysia which located at Tanjong Kanrang, Sungai Besar, Kuang, Kapar & Hutan Melintang.

KBS Industrial Gases Sdn Bhd was appointed as a sole agent of YongTai in Malaysia to market YongTai cutting disc, a range of quality products.

AWELD is a trademark of KBS, Copyright Malaysia and trademark registration Malaysia which provides welding equipment in term of high quality.

At KBS, our mission is to ensure that every product meets the demand of high quality and services for ensuring customer satisfaction, continue to develop new business partners and customers.

Our Branches

  • Tanjong Karang

    1st Branch opened on January 2006

  • Ijok

    2nd Branch opened on March 2013

  • Sungai Besar

    3rd Branch opened on June 2013

  • Kuang

    4th Branch opened on March 2017

  • Tanjong Karang 02

    5th Branch opened on October 2017

  • Kapar

    6th Branch opened on August 2018

  • Hutan Melintang

    7th Branch opened on December 2018