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Aweld Double Barrel Self Ignition Torch
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Brand Aweld
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Features :

- Quick Self-Lighting

- Swirl flame, Variable flame control

- Tip swivels 360° degrees

- High temperature, Faster soldering

- Save fuel, Durable use

- Switch between one barrel or two barrel

General Safety Information :

1. Keep combustibles away from or protected from the flame. Keep an approved fire extinguisher or the proper size and type in the work area. Inspect it regularly to ensure that it is in proper working order. Know how to use the extinguisher.

2. Always wear eye protection and gloves when using the torch.

3. Remember the torch tip and workplace may be Hot and can cause a burn if touched.

4. DO NOT store the cylinders in a room used for habitation, in a closed or confined space, near open flames, heaters or in direct sunlight.

5. DO NOT drop the cylinder or torch, or handle roughly. Never use the cylinder as a support or roller.

6. DO NOT leave a lit torch unattended.

7. Keep torch, cylinder, and related equipment out of the reach of children.

8. Before connecting the barrel assembly, please check inside the threaded hole at the base of the torch tip. Be sure that the small gasket is in place at the bottom of the hold.

9. Before proceeding check to see that the regulator knob is in the OFF position.

10. Light standard (non-automatic lightning) tips only with a spark lighter due to the high velocity swirl combustion of this torch.

11. Always disconnect the regulator from the tank when not in use.

12. DO NOT lay a torch down unless the gas flow has been shut off.

13. Use a "cylinder base" is recommended to help prevent torch and cylinder from tipping over.

14. High flow torchers such as the dual tip may cause the cylinder to be overdrawn. This condition is noticeable by a weak flame and tip overheating. If you experience this condition, discontinue use until the cylinder has regained normal pressure.

15. NEVER apply heat to a container that has held toxic combustible or flammable liquids or vapors.