Aweld High Quality / Safety Flame Gun
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Brand Aweld
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Application :

-It is suitable for restaurants and household to make food.

-Unfreeze meat and water pipe.


-Farming and gardening.

-Use for the heat-shrinkable sleeves and theirconnectors.

-Be applied in microwelding involving copper-welding, silver-welding, tin-welding and ornament processing.

-Fusing, welding, surface treatment and local heating in workshop, garage and lab.

-Architectural decoration.

Notice the use of gas cylinders :

1.Do not store cylinders in direct sunlight or near sources of ignition and car windows and other indoor locations. Should be stored in ventilated, moisture is small, the temperature below 40°C local custody.

2.Do not throw the cylinders into the fire, or cylinders are placed on the heater so hot, because it will increase the pressure cylinder heated, have led to an explosion hazard.

3.The garbage truck fire accident may be caused by not completely burn gas of the cylinders, according to the relevant provisions of other parts of waste separately.

4.Do not make the cylinder by a strong collision, otherwise it will lead to cylinder damage leakage.

5.Please read carefully of the note on the gas cylinders.

6.Cover the lid should be kept custody of the cylinder, the cylinder should be checked regularly, such as rust to be found not leak as soon as the confirmation run.