Aweld H288 – Flashback Arrestors For Regulator

Features :
-Flame arrestor. Non-return valve.
-Filter protect the flashback arrestor from dirty particles.
-Prevent the transmission of flame of backfire of flashback upstream from the blow pipe passing through the flashback arrestor into the equipment connected.
-Max Flow :
*Oxygen : 7000Lt./H
*Acetylene : 2600Lt./H

Model :
-288-R (Oxygen Gas)
~Max Flow (Lt./H) : 7000
~Max Inlet Pressure (bar) : 10
~Inlet : 9/16″x18 R.H.
~Outlet : 9/16″x18 R.H.

-288-L (Fuel Gas)
~Max Flow (Lt./H) : 2600
~Max Inlet Pressure (bar) : 105
~Inlet : 9/16″x18 L.H.
~Outlet : 9/16″x18 L.H.