Refrigerant gas, R404A,10.9KG
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Product name: R404A Use: As a widely used medium and low temperature refrigerant today, R404A is commonly used in cold storage, food freezing equipment, marine refrigeration equipment, industrial low-temperature refrigeration, commercial low-temperature refrigeration, transportation refrigeration equipment (refrigerated trucks, etc.), refrigeration condensers, supermarket display cabinets, etc. equipment.Refrigerant R404A is the most common industry standard refrigerant (usually low temperature refrigeration system) to replace Freon R22 and R502 in newly installed refrigeration equipment. R404A is the closest to the operation of R-502, and it is suitable for all R-502 that can operate normally. However, because R404A is different from R502 and R22 in physical and chemical properties, theoretical cycle performance and compressor oil, etc., for the after-sales maintenance of refrigeration equipment initially installed as R502 and R22 refrigerants, if you need to add or replace refrigerants, it is still Only R502 and R22 can be added, usually R404A cannot be used to replace R502 and R22 directly (usually, replacement of the blood type is not possible).